Being a Wedding DJ

A truly mobile DJ is often very different from a DJ that play in clubs and EDM events. Club DJ’s require superb mixing skills, music knowledge but often not good PA skills. Wedding, private event and party DJs require a slightly different skillset.

Sure, the skills overlap. A love and understanding of music and basic mix techniques run through both. However, a wedding or party DJ and MC also requires the ability to interact with the crowd in a far more physical and obvious way. Pure mixing skills may be less important (although in our mind this skill is required in both) for a wedding DJ, but interactions with the guests can be key.

Event DJ’ing often requires the ability to fully understand the crowd and even mingle with them. Talking to the crowd, dancing with the crowd and interaction to get them up and partying is a thing. As is the ability to tone it back for speech announcements. You need to monitor the music from genre to decade to BPM to ensure it keeps the majority happy. You need to be able to interact with the guests in a way that’s encouraging without being annoying. You need to be able to appreciate ALL genres of music and able to mix those styles into each other as seamlessly as possible.

At White Cat Events we understand this and tailor each and every event to the individual and guests. Our music will be that which you and your guests wants to here. Our DJ interaction, especially for weddings and private parties, will be as discreet or as enthusiastic as you want it and/or the events demands. Our goal is simple – to give you the most memorable event possible…and to enjouy ourselves. After all, when we say we love what we do, we mam every word.

Need a DJ, MC, music or karaoke service for your wedding, party or private event? Contact us now to see how we can help.