Being a DJ

Let’s start with the obvious. If you’re a DJ it involves playing music. You can’t really be a ‘disc jockey’ without that. Although I suppose you could make an argument that in modern times MJ, or music jockey, would probably be more accurate – that said there are still many DJ’s using vinyl and mixing with it and for good reason, but that’s a different discussion. But a moot point as DJ’s firmly entrenched in the vernacular and after all, we all know what a DJ is…providing we have context. I say this as the difference between skills needed can vary hugely, depending on where and when an event is held and exactly what’s expected. However, there are basic core skills that every DJ should have at any event.

As an example, a successful wedding DJ will usually be expected to provide a very different service from someone in a high end Ibiza club. A school dance will need something different than a wedding etc. etc. The basics remain the same, but the final result can sound, look and feel completely different.

At White Cat Events we realize this and know there’s a difference, and so we tailor each experience to meet the needs of the event. For example, a wedding will usually require at least some MC service for announcements, to get your guests comfortable and feeling relaxed, and to set the mood for the evening. A corporate event will vary but even with minimal MC services, a knowledge of the company and crowd can be vital to making it a success. And every event, large or small, needs music that keeps the crowd happy, entertained and usually dancing too. A good DJ will have researched the likely audience beforehand and have a playlist tailored to match. However, a good DJ will also be able to change and adapt, carefully observing the mood and reaction of the crowd as the show progresses.

And then comes the equipment. All the skills in the world will matter little if the equipment isn’t good enough. The vocals need to be clear, the high end crisp and the bass deep but not overpowering (with a few rare exceptions). At White Cat Events we make sure all of our equipment is of the highest quality delivering vibrant sound. If bass is needed, we have it. If people need to be able to hold a conversation, we’ll allow for that. From small intimate venues to open air arenas we make sure we sound good.

So when you’re picking a DJ, MC or both for your event, choose carefully. price is important, but quality even more so. When you need someone who can adapt to your needs and play the music that your guests want to hear, think White Cat Events.

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