Sia The Greatest

OK – We Like Sia

Another music video that we really like and it’s also another Sia video, this time one of her more recent singles, The Greatest. The music is part of it – we think her music is great. However, the videos combined with the music are even better.

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The lyric music video for Cheap Thrills by Sia

Let’s Kick This Off

Music is our thing. If we’re lighting an event – it involves music more often than not. DJ and Karaoke events are obviously all about the music. Even corporate events frequently end in entertainment that features music. But it’s not just our business, it’s also our passion.

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Special Offer

We don’t hide the fact that this is new business in Maine for us despite being residents for nearly a decade. Although we’ve had many years of experience in event planning, DJ and MC work and lighting outside of Maine. Enough that we are very confident in our own abilities and know that should you hire us, you will love what we do.

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Being a DJ

Let’s start with the obvious. If you’re a DJ it involves playing music. You can’t really be a ‘disc jockey’ without that. Although I suppose you could make an argument that in modern times MJ, or music jockey, would probably be more accurate – that said there are still many DJ’s using vinyl and mixing with it and for good reason, but that’s a different discussion. But a moot point as DJ’s firmly entrenched in the vernacular and after all, we all know what a DJ is…providing we have context. I say this as the difference between skills needed can vary hugely, depending on where and when an event is held and exactly what’s expected. However, there are basic core skills that every DJ should have at any event.

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Our New Site

Welcome to our new site. Let us know if there are any problems or any improvements you’d like made. We’re here to listen.

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