More Payment Options

We’ve just added a credit card payment option! We can now take payments over the phone or in person and accept all major cards.

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Weezer - Buddy Holly

Weezer – Buddy Holiday

We’re continuing posts featuring our favorite all time music videos. As usual, they have to have good music and be an amazing video and Weezer does both in this vid for their track, Buddy Holly.

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Ok Go - Here It Goes Again

OK Go – The Start

Something of a modern classic this time. Many would have already seen this, but we think those that have would love to revisit, and for those that haven’t seen this video – you’ve been missing out.

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Chuck Berry new album

Chuck Berry Is Back

We love all music genres but must admit to having a soft spot for good Rock ‘n’ Roll, and there’s little doubt that Chuck Berry is one of the all time greats. And after a massive 38 years since his last album, he’s back!

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DJ, music and karaoke for weeddings and events

Being a Wedding DJ

A truly mobile DJ is often very different from a DJ that play in clubs and EDM events. Club DJ’s require superb mixing skills, music knowledge but often not good PA skills. Wedding, private event and party DJs require a slightly different skillset.

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russian pokemon song

Some Things Need Sharing

Sometimes you stumble across a music video that just needs sharing. The train wreck kind of video – you want to not look but can’t help yourself. It should come as no surprise that it’s from Russia where the weird (to many in the USA) often seems common place.

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